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Big plans _ Where to start?

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New year. Time to reflect on what we did, and what we can do. It’s also time to define our priorities and review our goals.

I was talking to my sister, who’s a clinical psychologist, about goals and how to reach them. She said we may get anxious or lost sometimes when we have a goal or a project that requires a lot of work because we’re looking at the bigger picture. She added that our first reaction is to feel overwhelmed and even doubt our ideas and ourselves, and this is because we only focus on the final results we’re hoping to get.

It’s like this big mountain below. We want to climb it, to conquer it, but it looks absolutely daunting at first.

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What do we do then?

She said we should break that major goal into smaller goals, so then each time we conquer one, we’ll feel good about ourselves which in turn will motivate us to go on to the next one.

Looking back to 2019, it didn’t seem like I had done much for my career, but when I went over the pictures on my phone, I was actually surprised! I didn’t plan much for what I saw in those pictures, I have to say. Opportunities came up and I took them. Then I wondered… If I were able to do all that without a well-thought-out road map to guide me, imagine what I can accomplish if I do have a plan?

My advice

My advice to you, dear reader, is to carefully think about what you want to achieve. Look back at what you’ve done so far. See what needs to be improved, changed, or left behind. (Yes, sometimes we must give something up and move on). Write down all that you want to conquer this year. Set that aside and start breaking up your goals into smaller, more tangible ones.

For instance, say you want to read more this year. (I do). You already have lots of books that you haven’t opened, and you’re overwhelmed because you’ll need to read some titles for work, while others are on your not-so-important list, but you bought them because you liked the author or the topic. (You know how that goes). Now, you ask yourself, what do I need to do to be able to read more? You can start by setting a time to read and silence your phone and notifications. You can also read what you like first, and ditch the books you’re not enjoying and don’t need. Sell or donate them. They’re just taking up space and collecting dust on your shelves. Now that ultimate goal is getting more realistic and attainable. (These ideas about reading more I found here)

Final Confession

I have to say I’m not great at this. I’m used to just going with the flow. What I can tell you is that this is not a good way to get what you really want. We waste time and energy. I now realize that. So, if you’re up for it, join me this year in this new challenge: planning and taking one bite at a time. If you’re already doing it, though, it’d be great to hear your thoughts and ideas.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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